Bitrue Referral Program

How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue
The Bitrue Affiliate Program provides a lucrative opportunity for individuals to monetize their influence in the cryptocurrency space. By promoting one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, affiliates can earn commissions for every user they refer to the platform. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of joining the Bitrue Affiliate Program and unlocking the potential for financial rewards.

What is the Bitrue Affiliate Program

  • With the Bitrue Affiliate Program, you may earn up to 40% commission on each eligible trade by referring viewers to your exclusive referral link.
  • Individuals who create a Bitrue account using your exclusive referral link will be recognized as successful referrals right away. In Bitrue Spot, Futures, Margin Trading, and even Bitrue Pool, you will earn commissions on each transaction your referrals make (including lifetime income from Spot Margin Trading plus Bitrue Pool). Start receiving commissions with the same referral link, with no time or maximum cap restrictions.
  • Make the decision to become a Futures, Spot, or both affiliate! To be considered for both a spot and futures affiliate, simply answer "both" when prompted throughout the application process.

How to Start Earning Commission

1. Sign up as a Bitrue partner:

Fill out the application form by clicking [Join Now] and submitting the form given. Once our team has reviewed your application and verified that you fulfill the requirements listed below, your application will be accepted.
How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue
How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue

2. Make your referral links and distribute them:

From your Bitrue account, you can create and manage your referral links. Every referral link you share has performance metrics that you can monitor. You may alter them for every channel and for different discounts you want to offer your community.

3. Remain calm, enjoy yourself, and generate commissions.

You may receive up to 40% of the commission each time a new user registers for an account on Bitrue using your referral link. Now go ahead and sign up for the program.

How to Become a Bitrue Super Partner

  • The Super Partner rank is currently only awarded upon application.
  • The specific requirements can be viewed in detail by clicking on the Bitrue Partner Rules on the home page:
1. On the main screen, select the [View the Rules] option.
How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue
2. Select the [Join Now] button to become a Super Partner of Bitrue.
How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue
3. Next, you need to complete the form and wait for confirmation.
How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue

How to determine if the invitee is a valid invitee

  • New users invited by a partner through the exclusive link must complete KYC verification or register with a mobile phone number.
  • Invitees must complete at least two exclusive tasks.

How is membership in a Super Partner assessed?

The first adjustment to each Super Partner’s commission will be valid for 3 months (i.e., 90 days after the adjustment date). After 90 days, only Super Partners who meet the following criteria will continue to receive the referral benefit rewards. Upon successfully meeting the minimum requirements, Super Partner eligibility will continue for an additional 90 days, after which the next assessment will be made.
  1. Invite at least 100 new registered traders, and the total volume (futures + spot) of the newly registered traders will reach 100 BTC.
  2. Newly registered traders: new users who have signed up through the invitation link and completed at least three exclusive tasks.

What Bitrue Offers

  • You can get a 40% commission.
  • Gain the tasks for rewards.

How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue

Hot Events

You may participate in the popular activities that Bitrue hosts each month to win fantastic prizes.

How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner on Bitrue


  • Event: Enjoy zero trading fees and a 50 USDT bonus for six new coin-based perpetual futures pairs!
  • Bitrue Futures listed six coin-M-based perpetual futures pairs at 10:00 UTC on November 8, 2023. As a token of our appreciation for your support, we are launching a special limited-time event!
  1. Event 1 (for all users): Enjoy zero trading fees for one week! Your trading fees will be refunded to your spot account the day after the event concludes.
  2. Event 2 (For New Futures Users): During the event period, 50 lucky new users will be selected per day to receive a 50 USDT futures bonus.
  3. Event Period: November 8th, 2023, 10:00 UTC–November 15th, 2023, 10:00 UTC
  5. New Futures Users are defined as users who have not previously traded futures on Bitrue but have traded the above-mentioned six Coin-M-based futures pairs in this event.
  6. (Tradings with the futures trial funds will not be included in this event.)

Referral Activity Rules

  1. The Bitrue Partner Program is a way for Bitrue to provide extra ways for influencers to monetize their reputation and receive rewards for inviting users to join the platform.
  2. In the Bitrue Partner Program, you get an exclusive invitation link. Invited users who complete registration via your link will automatically be classified as your referee. The invitee is rewarded for completing exclusive tasks with Bitrue, and you will also receive rewards. At Bitrue, you only need one link to receive a rebate commission on all trades brought in by the invitee in spot trading.
  3. This program is available to all users.
  4. Any user interested in becoming a Bitrue partner can go through the exclusive link to invite users to automatically become a Bitrue partner.
  5. YouTube video bloggers, cryptocurrency community leaders, media writers, and other content creators who are interested in becoming partners in Bitrue’s referral program and meet the following criteria can apply directly to become a Bitrue Super Partner:
  • Social media accounts with more than 5,000 followers.
  • A community of more than 500 people.
  • Businesses and organisations with a client base of more than 2,000.
  • Full media posting sites with at least 10 videos with over 20,000 views.
  • Complete the form to submit your application. Our team will review your details and ensure that you meet the above criteria.
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